Meal Home Delivery: A Cheaper Alternative to Eating Out and Fast Food

Eating properly is tough to do with the limitation of time many households find themselves in. but it families do not have the time to do it for themselves, there are places who will deliver nutritionally balanced meals to help you out. Home delivery is a great alternative to fast food and eating out because many of the services take dietary issues into consideration. These are not like diet programs which require a certain length of time or which come with whatever the Chef chooses for the meals. In the programs below, buyers may choose items they like and how often they want them. Home delivery services are available to fit almost any budget when you take into consideration that the average cost to eat out runs about $35, according to Zagat.

Magic Kitchen

Seniors and those with resrictive dietary needs have found Magic Kitchen to be a good option for meal delivery since the company really emphasizes getting meals to these groups. Customers may order online or call to discuss their specific needs. Orders can one-time or continuous, and meals are prepared by personal chefs trained in nutrition. Magic Kitchen serves a variety of main entrees and side dishes starting from $8.99.

Dine Wise

Dine Wise has a variety of meal options for families with a variety of nutional needs, such as diabetic, or low sodium. Another uniquie aspect of Dine Wise is that customers have the ability to pick each item of the meal. You can choose which of the sides, main entr©e and vegetables you want with each meal. This plan also includes nutritional information of each item, so whatever caloric, sugar, or salt level you need to know, is there. Meal deliveries can be long term or one-time depending on which plan is chosen. In the Home Bistro section a seven day plan for two runs around $160. cek harga ekspedisi


Freshology is similar to some diet programs. It is specifically designed for people with specific dietary needs. There are a variety of plans to choose from. Their signature plan is the Goldslim Gold, which starts about $42 per day. People on their plans may select between automatic delivery or for a specific time. The main difference between the silver and gold plans is whether the meal is fresh or flash-frozen.

Gobble Green

Meal delivery is not just for meat eaters. Gobble green offers vegetarians and vegans plans such as the basic bundle meal plan which comes with 28 meals for about $199. This averages out to about $7.10 per meal. If a person really wants someone to help make sure their nutritional goals are in order, they offer the platinum plan for about $750 per person which includes check-ins with a nutritionist.


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